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At Motio, we don't create BI software, we make it better. We offer software solutions that enable more accurate and reliable BI implementations. Our tools are aimed at assisting Cognos developers, empowering Cognos administrators, enriching the experience of BI consumers, and streamlining the management of Cognos installations.

Administration & Control


MotioCI augments IBM Cognos environments with version control, release management, and automated testing. MotioCI™ is the first and only life-cycle management system to truly support governance, risk management and compliance for IBM Cognos.
Cognos Version Control

MotioCI's patented version control technology detects modifications to IBM Cognos content or configuration, automatically versions changes, and provides an incredible layer of accountability and control.

Cognos Release Management MotioCI provides a profoundly streamlined workflow for promoting reproducible baselines of BI content between IBM Cognos environments. With just a few clicks, you can promote a fully tested release of BI content from a development environment to a production environment.
Cognos Testing MotioCI supports automated testing of IBM Cognos content. MotioCI test assertions can enforce performance, accuracy and consistency standards across all of your Cognos reports, and quickly signal to the BI team when changes in the BI Ecosystem have affected Cognos BI content.


Cognos Administration Tools MotioPI empowers IBM Cognos administrators to more efficiently manage their BI environment's components, users, content, schedules, and more.

MotioPI Professional™

Cognos Administration Tools MotioPI Professional efficiently administers Cognos information that's navigationally difficult to attain and allows management of BI content, settings and policies en-masse.


Cognos Report Archiving MotioVault is a special purpose archiving solution for the long term storage of Cognos BI outputs. It is designed to offload the burden of managing historical outputs from the Cognos Content Store, while still allowing consumers to view these outputs directly from Cognos Connection.

Improve or Optimize Cognos Content


Optimize Cognos Content ReportCard is a solution for finding and correcting inefficiencies in IBM Cognos environments. Customers leverage ReportCard to improve the maintainability, efficiency and performance of their Cognos content and configuration. ReportCard can detect and correct performance issues, find and consolidate duplicate reports, and help Cognos customers get the most out of their Cognos environments.

Integrate or Extend IBM Cognos


Cognos Custom Security MotioCAP allows IBM Cognos customers to leverage existing, proprietary security sources for Cognos authentication and authorization. Using the MotioCAP framework, you easily map Cognos authentication to external security sources such as relational databases, web-services, SAML, CAS, ClearTrust, SiteMinder, Tivoli, Peoplesoft, etc.


Information Asset Blending Theia allows customers to modernize their BI portal with custom branding and intuitive navigation capabilities. Theia accelerates decision making and user adoption by blending local data sets, information assets, and enterprise BI systems.


Cognos SDK MotioADF enables companies to quickly and efficiently bring reliable, customized IBM Cognos BI solutions to market. MotioADF is perfect for any IBM Cognos customer who wants to extend, customize or embed IBM Cognos products.

Cognos Security Migration

Persona IQ™

Persona Persona IQ™ seamlessly transitions Cognos between external authentication sources WITHOUT changing CAMIDs. Persona also functions as a drop in replacement for Series 7 Access Manager, or a bridge to LDAP or Active Directory.

Namespace Migration

Cognos Namespace Migration NamespaceMigration is a technology assisted service that enables customers to safely migrate Cognos content, models and configuration from one Authentication Namespace to another (e.g. Series 7 Access Manager --> Active Directory).

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