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MotioCI: Version Control, Automated Testing & Release Management for IBM Cognos

MotioCI™ integrates with Cognos through each stage of the business intelligence life cycle- from the initial development process to testing, to deployment and on-going maintenance. MotioCI provides higher performance, quality and manageability of Cognos through its unique blend of capabilities in version control, release management and automated testing.

Version Control for IBM Cognos

MotioCI - Version Control and Automated Testing for IBM Cognos

MotioCI's version control captures the Who, What, When and Why changes are made in Cognos.


  • Version all Cognos Object Types, Anywhere in the Content Store
  • Version Framework Manager Models, Transformer Models, etc.
  • Version All Properties
  • Recover Deleted Content
  • Studio Integration & Exclusive Locking 
  • Integration with Defect Tracking Systems

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Automated Testing for IBM Cognos

Regression Testing Diagram

MotioCI's automated testing continuously monitors Cognos environments, uncovering issues early in the development cycle before they become critical defects.


  • Regression Testing for Executable Content (reports, active reports, queries, etc.)
  • Regression Testing for Non-executable Cognos Content (folders, dispatchers, data sources)
  • Unlimited Regression Test Scenarios
  • Regression Testing for all Output Formats (HTML, SQL, Excel, etc.)
  • Stress Testing for Cognos
  • Continuous Verification of Cognos Content

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Release Management for IBM Cognos

Cognos Deployment

MotioCI Release Management for Cognos provides a better method for automating & specifying when and what content to deploy to new Cognos environments.


  • Deploy Versioned Content
  • Full Featured Content Labeling
  • Scheduled Deployments
  • Promotion to Multiple Cognos Environments
  • Impact Analysis of Staged Content Deployments
  • Automated Promotion Upon Validation
  • "Undo" Promotion Button

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Traceability & Reporting on all Cognos Changes

MotioCI comes with several features that provide quick snapshots of what's happening in any Cognos environment.


  • Simple, Traceable Promotion for all Object Types
  • Comprehensive Reporting for all Cognos Changes
  • Interactive Timeline of "Who's Changing What" in your Cognos Environments

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