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MotioVault - Cognos Content Archival

Does your Content Store need to go on a diet...?

As Cognos admins know, the Content Store is the central nervous system for any Cognos instance. Among the many things stored in this repository are report specificiations, published models, and report outputs. As the Cognos instance matures, the amount of data contained in the Content Store database can expand quite rapidly. At a certain tipping point, Content Store bloat can adversely affect the overall performance and stability of the Cognos instance.

One best practice for getting the most out of your Cognos Instance is to keep your Content Store “lean and mean” by removing superfluous content.  Report outputs are almost always among the largest consumers of space in the Content Store. 

       Cognos Databases

MotioVault™ is a special purpose archiving solution for the long term storage of Cognos BI outputs. It is designed to offload the burden of managing historical outputs from the Cognos Content Store, while still allowing them to be viewed directly from the Cognos Connection UI:

  • Vault is designed to hold years worth of report outputs
  • archived outputs are still accessible from Cognos Connection.
  • archived outputs are searchable and secure
  • allows admins to define flexible retention rules
  • supports archiving outputs from multiple, concurrent Cognos instances

vault animation

MotioVault™ can be configured to migrate saved outputs from certain areas of your live Cognos instance into the Vault archive store using a flexible “selector” concept.

Motio Vault Output Selectors
Configuring Output Selectors

Archived outputs are still accessible from Cognos Connection, but no longer live in the Cognos Content Store.

Motio Vault Output Selectors
Access Archives via Cognos Connection

Vault UI
Vault UI

MotioVault™ helps to keep your Content Store “trim and fit”, by “offloading” the responsibility of managing historical report outputs.

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