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Streamlined Release Management for IBM Cognos

Promote content and configuration between IBM Cognos Environments with the click of a button. 

Version Control for IBM Cognos

Capture and version all changes to Cognos content and configuration.  Adds an incredible  layer of accountability and control to  IBM Cognos environments.

Automated Testing for IBM Cognos

Automatically verify the accuracy, performance and consistency of your IBM Cognos content.

Management Tools for IBM Cognos

Tools for mass administration of IBM Cognos Content let you perform days worth of work within a few minutes. 

Version Control for IBM Cognos

MotioCI provides automated version control for Cognos content and configuration.   MotioCI can version all types of Cognos objects, both inside and outside the content store.    Everything from Cognos reports, to folders, dispatcher settings or framework models. 


Automated Testing for IBM Cognos

MotioCI's  automated testing for IBM Cognos content  can be used to ensure your Cognos reports are producing accurate, performant and consistent output.    Using Motio's patented technology, you can know within minutes if your BI content starts to deviate from defined expections.



Advanced Tools For IBM Cognos

MotioPI empowers IBM Cognos administrators to more efficiently manage their BI environment's components, users, content, schedules, and more. MotioPI™ Pro efficiently administers Cognos information that's navigationally difficult to attain and allows management of BI content, settings and policies en-masse.

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