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Customer Testimonials

Motio software maximizes our customers IBM Cognos investment by enabling more accurate and reliable BI implementations. We are not limited to specific industries or the size of a given establishment in need. The following testimonials will illustrate the challenges our clients faced in their BI environments and the solutions Motio provided.

MotioCI Enables Agile and Self-service BI at IBM


As the adoption rate of IBM's enterprise-wide business analytics platform, "Blue Insight" continued to accelerate, their BACC operations team found itself spending more and more time servicing administrative requests from Cognos business teams. Frequent administrative requests involved: 1) Content promotions- the promotion of Cognos content between environments, 2) Data recovery – the restoration of accidentally deleted Cognos content, 3) Issue resolution – helping with root cause analysis of defects in the authored BA content, etc.


The IBM BACC selected MotioCI as the solution for streamlining many of the day-to-day Cognos administrative tasks that were devouring so much time from the operations team. The key benefits the IBM BACC has gained from implementing MotioCI include: 1) Reduced Cognos administration and support costs, 2) Balanced governance and autonomy, 3) Improved development processes by enabling Agile BI methods, and 4) Governed self-service BI.

Providence St. Joseph Health Achieves Standardization in their BI Development Process with MotioCI


Providence St. Joseph Health, a leading healthcare provider, searched for a way to eliminate the challenges they experienced with their previous reporting system and lack of standardization over their BI development process. The challenges they faced included development work being done in all three environments (development, testing, and production) which caused confusion around which version of a report was properly deployed and ready for user consumption. They also experienced multiple people overwriting one another's work which caused unnecessary rework of invalid and lost BI content.


Providence St. Joseph Health chose IBM Cognos Analytics for its self-service capabilities and MotioCI for its version control features. Cognos Analytics allowed more people at Providence St. Joseph to take on the role of report development, while MotioCI provided an audit trail of BI development and prevented multiple people from developing the same content. Version control empowered Providence St. Joseph to achieve their standardization requirements and saved them time and money previously associated with deployments and rework.

Read the Case Study

CIRA Transitions to an Agile Methodology with MotioCI


CIRA had processes in place that made collaboration on report development and deploying Cognos content to new environments quite cumbersome and inefficient. When CIRA upgraded to IBM Cognos 10.2, they recognized that they had to change their methodology in order to increase the BI team's velocity and keep up with the demands of their business users.


CIRA's BI team spearheaded the move toward agile BI processes and acquired MotioCI to support this movement. MotioCI sped up the development process at CIRA by empowering users to quickly make changes, deploy, and test BI content while having the added safety of undoing and correcting as needed. MotioCI plus agile methodology has enabled CIRA to rapidly deliver time-sensitive data to its business users.

MotioCI Saves a Corrupted IBM Cognos Content Store at DaVita HealthCare


Prior to implementing MotioCI, DaVita HealthCare Partners had a peculiar way of artificially versioning BI content which was more like a safety net with gaping holes in it. Their process was complex and unreliable. They still risked content being out of sync with packages, not recovering correct versions, and losing large amounts of development work altogether by not having version control in their Dev environment. DaVita needed to reduce risk and automate Cognos development processes.


MotioCI was implemented and DaVita immediately saw improvements in ease of deploying between environments and quickly reverting to previous content versions. Just 4 months after MotioCI was installed, DaVita's content store got into an unstable state due to a combination of events in Cognos. The MotioCI version control capabilities and support team allowed DaVita to pinpoint the cause of the problem and return their Content Store to a stable state. Had MotioCI not been in place, they would have lost months worth of work.

Catlin Insurance Group Improves BI Management Thanks to MotioCI


When Catlin switched to IBM Cognos, they expanded the size of their BI implementation and increased their users which negatively impacted the BI team's ability to manage the implementation. The BI team could not get releases into production nor data quality assessed quickly enough to meet the demands of their user base. They needed a better way to control change management, deployments, content quality, and overall performance. Their existing methods were causing bottlenecks in getting content to their users.


Catlin turned to MotioCI to manage their Cognos implementation. Their deployment issues were solved almost immediately. They replaced their manual method of content promotions with MotioCI's self-service promotion capabilities. The combination of version control, release management, and testing capabilities that MotioCI provided, helped Catlin achieve results in these areas:

  • Improved management of BI teams and environments
  • Reduced development time
  • Increased the amount of BI assets released to production
  • Boosted confidence in BI content accuracy
  • Raised end user satisfaction
To see further how MotioCI enhanced Catlin’s BI environment, read the case study!

Persona IQ Securely Migrates HealthPort's Cognos Authentication


In accordance with HIPPA regulations, HealthPort needed all of its applications to authenticate against a single, tightly controlled Active Directory infrastructure. This created a big challenge for their Cognos application which historically authenticated against Access Manager. Transitioning Cognos authentication raises a lot of concerns, and for HealthPort, security and downtime were the most pressing.


Manually transitioning to a new authentication source would have been expensive, error-prone, and time intensive, therefore, HealthPort chose Persona IQ to facilitate their transition. Persona IQ diminished risk and guaranteed that HealhPort's existing Cognos content and security configuration remained intact and functioned just as it had before. Additionally, HealthPort has benefitted from other Persona IQ features which have improved their support processes. To learn more, read the full Customer Case Study. 

CU Saves Time and Money on Debugging with MotioCI


The University of Colorado had a complex BI ecosystem that encountered lots of changes to the environments, and lacked visibility and automation in its deployment and testing methods. CU was spending tens of thousands of dollars, per event, to discover and fix errors or performance issues to BI content that was caused by changes made in their Cognos environments.


The University of Colorado implemented MotioCI and the results were immediate. MotioCI saved CU time and money by delivering the following:

  • Fast recovery from work loss
  • Documented and controlled deployments
  • Repeatable testing
  • System monitoring
  • Established best practices
  • Compliant with audits

MotioCI Testing Ensures Accurate and Consistent Data at Ameripath


Ameripath's extensive infrastructure includes over 400 pathologists and scientists providing services to a network of over 200 hospitals and laboratories. As their data-rich environment has evolved, so have demands and standards for accuracy and consistency with their BI content.


Ameripath addressed these demands with the testing features of MotioCI. Automated, continuous tests were configured to check BI assets and instantly help Ameripath identify issues that relate to:

  • Data validity
  • Corporate standards conformance
  • Output accuracy

MotioADF Fulfills Ameripath's Vision for a Better User Experience


The following requirements at Ameripath exceeded the capabilities of IBM Cognos:

  • Expose Cognos BI content through an Ameripath branded user experience
  • Tightly control access to and retention of sensitive BI outputs
  • Provide consistent look and feel across all reports


Ameripath created a customized and intuitive interface with MotioADF. They produced a scalable, hardened, user experience that exposes BI content exactly the way Ameripath consumers need to see it. Management of BI outputs were offloaded from Cognos and supported by sophisticated and business specific security and retention policies.

Texas Tech University Safeguards Cognos BI Content with MotioCI


Texas Tech University realized the importance of version control in their BI environment when an unfortunate event happened- reports got deleted and the only way to recover them was to restore their entire content store. Unfortunately this content store restoration caused them to lose ALL of the work completed since their last backup. With 19 report modelers/writers, 50 report authors, and over 2500 users at Texas Tech, BI content was very vulnerable to accidental deletions or being overwritten by one another.


MotioCI's automated version control gave Texas Tech peace of mind by safeguarding susceptible data and ensuring that valuable time and work is not lost again.

Eneco Saves on Maintenance and External BI Specialist Costs with MotioCI


Eneco, an energy company based in the Netherlands, required a better way to manage their Cognos development process, which was automated by self-written Linux scripts. Their current process was difficult to maintain, error-prone, slow, and resource-intensive. They needed to lower the associated costs as well.


With MotioCI in place, Eneco achieves the following:

  • Saves 15% on the maintenance budget for IBM Cognos every year
  • Saves 500 hours per year on hiring external specialists
  • Eliminates having to maintain Linux scripts
  • Reduces communication needed between SCBI (Solution Center Business Intelligence)and Operations about the scripts
  • Resolves incidents quicker
  • Improves the timeliness of report delivery
  • Sees less failures due to corrupt files

Telus Increases Speed and Efficiency of Cognos Releases


TELUS, a leading national telecommunications company in Canada, had a strong desire to accelerate the growth and performance of their IBM Cognos environments. However, they had hundreds of report authors working with thousands of reports for a user base of 3500 people, and were hindered by long development cycle times and too many manual operations.


With the implementation of MotioCI at Telus, the software's automated promotion feature provided a dramatic reduction in release cycle times, triggering an increase in productivity at TELUS. Frequent, automated regression testing and version control have also contributed to an increase in timeliness and quality at Telus by minimizing delays and errors in their BI content.

MotioADF Delivers a Customizable Reporting Solution for Avaya


Avaya, who is a leading provider of business communications solutions serving millions of business worldwide, needed to create and deliver to its customers an entirely new BI software application interface for IBM Cognos that aligned with its overall product concept. However, there is little to zero customization for the Cognos user experience. Additionally, they wanted to ensure this custom BI experience was seamless and more robust for its customers.


Avaya implemented MotioADF and was able to deliver a faster time-to-market, customizable solution for its customers. The MotioADF solution included an object-oriented interface for Avaya's reporting application and web-based widgets and wizards that allow Avaya's end users to create reports based on its unique business logic.

Client Case Studies

Achieving the most accurate and reliable BI implementations with Motio

"MotioCI is an active insurance policy. It is doing exactly what we wanted it to do."

—Molly Doyle, University of Colorado

"The automated testing provided by MotioCI proved invaluable. With so many reports being created and modified, and the framework model and data sources evolving, it was a huge advantage to have MotioCI proactively pointing out inconsistencies and errors."

—Tim McGuire, Ameripath...

"Our users were wowed by the functionality of MotioADF. The self-service nature of this application has reduced our number of support requests. Even a user with little or no training is able to figure the interface out and immediately become productive."

—Tim McGuire, Ameripath...

"We had one report author delete a series of reports and could not recover them without restoring the entire Cognos Content Store, thus losing all of the work completed since the last backup. We know how valuable version control is and we knew we had to have it."

—Dustin Jordan,...

"By having MotioCI we directly save 500 hours per year on hiring external specialists, so we actually reduce our out-of-pocket costs."

—Rob Bakker, Eneco

"The relationship with Motio is an integral part of our rapidly expanding BICC, enabling holistic change control and proactive issues resolution on our critical reporting portfolio. It has and will continue to increase end user satisfaction and reduce total cost of ownership of our...

"With the complexity of our user interface, it would have taken us twice as long as it did if we had not started with Motio's software. They worked alongside of us to provide the best user interface for the product and the end results are quite impressive."

—Sheila Higgins, Avaya...


"By using MotioCI, we reduced the time to upgrade to Cognos Analytics from 14 months to 3 months!"

— BI Manager, Pharmaceutical Industry



"MotioCI allows me to test all reports against the outputs of an upgraded environment and know if there are any data differences. This allows us to dramatically shorten the upgrade testing cycle from one to two months to one to two weeks."

—Enterprise Reporting and Analytics...

"Without MotioCI we would be in a situation where we would have to fight fires every day just to make sure things are done according to our requirements."

—Sean Nguyen, Sr. Information Architect, Providence St. Joseph Health

"I know of one instance several weeks ago where a set of reports went missing off the development environment and a ticket was submitted for the BACC support team. We were able to quickly show them how you can just restore the missing reports using MotioCI and their panic was over. It's...

"After we deploy to production, if something was missed in testing, or we have an issue, we can very easily roll back to a previous version using the MotioCI tool."

- Jon Coote, CIRA

"When our Dev content store crashed, we had just implemented MotioCI four months prior. If we had not had MotioCI, we would have been in a really, really bad situation. Right there, it paid for itself. We would have lost months worth of development effort that was only in the Dev environment...

"We could not manage our environment without MotioCI. The release team is no longer the bottleneck. Processes are going smoothly."

—Richard Wylde, Catlin

"Finding a solution which minimized risk and guaranteed that our existing security policies remained intact was very important to us. We were very impressed with the smoothness of the transition."

—Lisa Kelley, HealthPort