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Motio Launches MotioPI for TM1, the Free Software for IBM Cognos TM1

DALLAS, May 14, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- ­Motio, Inc. announced today the launch of a free software tool that eases administrative tasks in Cognos TM1 software. After having much success with the free product, MotioPI for IBM Cognos Business Intelligence software, Motio developed a tool that will similarly benefit Cognos TM1 users.

MotioPI for TM1

Upon discovering that equally cumbersome tasks exist in Cognos TM1 that do in Cognos BI software, Motio set out to develop MotioPI for TM1™. The approach to develop MotioPI for TM1 was similar to the development of its counterpart for Cognos BI - find the pain points that hinder Cognos professionals in their day-to-day and enable them with tools that make their work more efficient. MotioPI for TM1 provides capabilities that quickly query and find information about TM1 environments related to questions about performance, troubleshooting, security, and daily operations.

"Helping business intelligence professionals get their jobs done more quickly, more accurately, and more efficiently has always been at the core of Motio," said Matt Thibeau, MotioPI Product Manager. "Producing free software that enables them to achieve these objectives is particularly exciting. It allows us to express our passion, as a company and as software developers, and for lowering the barriers to producing high quality results in today's business intelligence landscape."

Applications for the MotioPI for TM1 Beta program can be submitted at

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