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MotioPI Pro Price Increases January 2017

Six years ago, we released MotioPI Professional software. Since its initial release, we've worked diligently on developing this product to vastly improve the quality of work life for Cognos professionals.

Over the years we've added valuable time-saving features to MotioPI Pro that empower you to be much more efficient at your Cognos endeavors– mass updating properties across target reports, bulk updating schedule recipients, search & replace values on groups of objects, and numerous other ways to increase your productivity.

On January 1, 2017, the price of MotioPI Pro will increase, so that we can continue to expand this product with even more helpful features for you. 

For Existing Customers:
As long as you stay current on your subscription renewal, you will be grandfathered in at your existing rate. 

For Future Customers:
If you are considering purchasing MotioPI Professional, take advantage of the current rates by purchasing before January 1, 2017.  Not only will you be able to purchase at the current rate, but your annual renewal rates will also remain at the current rate. See the chart below for current and new prices.

MotioPI Pro Price Increase Jan 2017

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