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Orphaned Objects. When a user is deleted in a Cognos namespace, any content in that user’s My Content is left behind. The content still exists in Cognos, but is difficult to access. MotioPI™ allows you to reclaim that Cognos content, so you can can move it to a recoverable location or delete it entirely.

Cognos Security User Access.  Find out what groups and roles your Cognos users belong to instantly. MotioPI eliminates countless hours of searching through all the various groups and roles in Cognos to determine who belongs to what and what they have access to in Cognos.

Property Distributor. MotioPI Professional's Property Distributor enables Cognos professionals to blast properties from a prototype object onto groups of target objects from both Public and My Folders. This includes Cognos Objects such as reports, queries, packages, folders, report templates & views and analysis objects.

Search & Replace. Quickly search for items both inside & outside the Cognos Content Store that contain a specific term or image and replace found occurrences with new text/image. MotioPI professional validates the before and after results ensuring the potential changes to Cognos objects "pass" before committing to the modification.

Framework Models.  Pull in an existing Framework Model in MotioPI Pro, make various changes to it, publish the updated package, and then fix all of the affected reports.

Find Reports Based Off a Package.  MotioPI allows you to search for multiple types of Cognos content. For example, you can search for all reports that are based off of a certain package. When the search is complete, you can see all the results in one screen, export them to a local file, or make administrative tasks on the results in bulk.

Portal Tabs. Quickly administer portal tab pages to Cognos users in mass with this feature.

General User Preferences.  Apply user preference changes in bulk to an entire set of Cognos users. This includes preferences such as home page, styles, default report formats, etc. 

Cognos Group / Role Membership.  Quickly update group and role membership settings for a large number of Cognos users.

Reassign Cognos Content Ownership.  In Cognos, there is no easy way to re-assign the ownership of BI content to a different user. MotioPI Pro has a change owner action button that provides administrators the ability to mass assign the owner property on multiple Cognos objects to any user.

Download/Delete Cognos Outputs.  Use the MotioPI Pro download/delete action feature as a method for archiving Cognos report outputs outside of the Content Store.

Schedule Delivery. MotioPI Professional's Schedule Delivery feature is a streamlined method for managing recipient lists for Cognos jobs and schedules. Cognos professionals are enabled to work with multiple users as well as allocating numerous schedules at once with this efficient component in MotioPI Pro.

Environment Panel. MotioPI provides Cognos administrators an extensive view of all administrative settings in a Cognos environment.  This includes detailed property information on dispatchers, data sources, report services and installed components.

Templatizer.  Automate the process of editing similar content across a series of reports in report studio with this panel, designed for Cognos report authors.

Client Case Studies

Achieving the most accurate and reliable BI implementations with Motio

"We could not manage our environment without MotioCI. The release team is no longer the bottleneck. Processes are going smoothly."

—Richard Wylde, Catlin

"Finding a solution which minimized risk and guaranteed that our existing security policies remained intact was very important to us. We were very impressed with the smoothness of the transition."

—Lisa Kelley, HealthPort

"MotioCI is an active insurance policy. It is doing exactly what we wanted it to do."

—Molly Doyle, University of Colorado

"The automated testing provided by MotioCI proved invaluable. With so many reports being created and modified, and the framework model and data sources evolving, it was a huge advantage to have MotioCI proactively pointing out inconsistencies and errors."

—Tim McGuire, Ameripath...

"Our users were wowed by the functionality of MotioADF. The self-service nature of this application has reduced our number of support requests. Even a user with little or no training is able to figure the interface out and immediately become productive."

—Tim McGuire, Ameripath...

"We had one report author delete a series of reports and could not recover them without restoring the entire Cognos Content Store, thus losing all of the work completed since the last backup. We know how valuable version control is and we knew we had to have it."

—Dustin Jordan,...

"By having MotioCI we directly save 500 hours per year on hiring external specialists, so we actually reduce our out-of-pocket costs."

—Rob Bakker, Eneco

"The relationship with Motio is an integral part of our rapidly expanding BICC, enabling holistic change control and proactive issues resolution on our critical reporting portfolio. It has and will continue to increase end user satisfaction and reduce total cost of ownership of our...

"With the complexity of our user interface, it would have taken us twice as long as it did if we had not started with Motio's software. They worked alongside of us to provide the best user interface for the product and the end results are quite impressive."

—Sheila Higgins, Avaya...


"By using MotioCI, we reduced the time to upgrade to Cognos Analytics from 14 months to 3 months!"

— BI Manager, Pharmaceutical Industry



"MotioCI allows me to test all reports against the outputs of an upgraded environment and know if there are any data differences. This allows us to dramatically shorten the upgrade testing cycle from one to two months to one to two weeks."

—Enterprise Reporting and Analytics...

"Without MotioCI we would be in a situation where we would have to fight fires every day just to make sure things are done according to our requirements."

—Sean Nguyen, Sr. Information Architect, Providence St. Joseph Health

"I know of one instance several weeks ago where a set of reports went missing off the development environment and a ticket was submitted for the BACC support team. We were able to quickly show them how you can just restore the missing reports using MotioCI and their panic was over. It's...

"After we deploy to production, if something was missed in testing, or we have an issue, we can very easily roll back to a previous version using the MotioCI tool."

- Jon Coote, CIRA

"When our Dev content store crashed, we had just implemented MotioCI four months prior. If we had not had MotioCI, we would have been in a really, really bad situation. Right there, it paid for itself. We would have lost months worth of development effort that was only in the Dev environment...