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ReportCard - Optimize Cognos Performance


Cognos performance problems are frustrating. Solving them is even more frustrating!

When organizations have reached the point where performance issues can no longer be ignored, fixing them is costly and inefficient. Typical approaches include on-the-fly fix methods or projects that are non-repeatable, expensive, and provide guestimates on what's causing you problems.

Since a well performing BI system is a necessity and tackling performance issues through management by crisis or with expensive one-off projects aren’t cost-effective approaches, what’s the solution to this catch-22 dilemma?

We optimize Cognos performance with a repeatable, cost-effective, structured method.

Our approach to managing Cognos performance is holistic- we combine our services with our software to look at multiple facets of the BI system to determine where the performance issues lie. Our software conducts repeatable tests that deliver measurable data to compare against baselines. We look for issues in the reports, packages, data sources, infrastructure, and have data to back up our findings.

We use our methodology and ReportCard software to conduct:

  1. Load/stress testing- simulate user activity, ramp up number of users, increase report execution frequency and examine their effect on Cognos performance.
  2. Performance/activity monitoring- examine the infrastructure behavior and relate this to load to find the bottlenecks.
  3. Report assessments- analyze reports and automatically apply ways to improve their performance.
  4. Package and data source evaluations- assess and find design flaws causing problems.

You'll be better off with our approach.

  • Gain skills and software to continuously optimize Cognos performance on your own
  • Improve the efficiency of identifying performance issues
  • Reduce the effort and costs in maintaining performance
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