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MotioPI - Cognos Administration Tools

The Cognos Ninja's™ Weapon of Choice

Are you a Cognos professional who needs to access, manage, and/or document high volumes of information, but find it difficult to complete such actions in Cognos in an efficient or timely manner?

MotioPI is a FREE community driven tool which enables Cognos administrators, report authors and power users to perform everyday tasks that are traditionally tedious and time consuming.  Examples include : Cognos Ninja

Cognos user security access

MotioPI to the rescue...

Recover content from deleted Cognos users.
Batch validate Cognos reports, identify why something fails.
Access and document detailed reports on users' group and role memberships (as well as their access levels to specific content).
Obtain comprehensive views of Cognos objects such as schedules, dispatchers, data sources, reports &
packages (just to name a few).

Get EVEN More Utilities with MotioPI Pro

Do you facilitate changes for hundreds of Cognos reports?

Would you like to ease the maintenance of all your Cognos users, such as their security settings, user preferences, portal pages,etc?

Ever wished there was a "rapid execution" button in Cognos? Then you should consider MotioPI Professional. Learn more...

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