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Infomotion logo


Since 2004, INFOMOTION GmbH has been one of Germany's leading consultancies for BI solutions. Their extensive portfolio features services such as strategic BI consulting, design, implementation, operation of effective BI solutions, and staff training. To provide customers with user-oriented, one-stop solutions, INFOMOTION offers BI services in fields like standard and ad-hoc reporting, analyses, performance management, and enterprise data management. To receive a free copy of MotioPI software, courtesy of INFOMOTION, click here.

Brennvidd logo

Brennvidd, Sweden

Brennvidd is a Business Analytics & Data Management consultant, offering solutions throughout every step of the BI life cycle. Working with IBM and its platform for business analytics and data management, Brennvidd is able to deliver solutions and optimizations not previously seen on the market.

Sempre Analytics logo

Sempre Analytics, United Kingdom

Sempre Analytics will help its customers to exploit their data and improve business performance. As an IBM Premier Partner, their data experts specialise in delivering solutions that provide simple, engaging, and intuitive solutions that simplify business processes and focus on solving business problems. With a range of solutions across Business Intelligence, Planning & Modelling, Predictive Analytics, Data, Audit & Management, and Support, Sempre Analytics offers its clients a completely unique approach to data collection and modelling, reporting, and collaboration. To receive a free copy of MotioPI software, courtesy of Sempre Analytics, click here.

Gems logo

Intelligems, Turkey

Gems helps its customers attain a knowledge and learning-based philosophy with solutions that provide business insight to all internal and external processes. The management team and consultants of Gems help their customers reach their organizational goals, using efficiently managed information technologies. The Gems team has experience in varying business areas, including telecom, finance, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing.

Novem logo

Novem, Germany

Novem is a leading provider of Business Analytics and Optimization solutions. Their portfolio includes technical and professional advice in the field of enterprise planning and business intelligence solutions. They also provide solutions in Predictive Analytics, Social Analytics, Big Data, and index-based control systems. The methods and solutions of Novem were designed for a sustainable increase in the enterprise value of customers.

Prologic logo

Prologic, Israel

Prologic Ltd. provides advanced IT services, specializing in infrastructure solutions, application development, and database-oriented solutions. As experts in IT infrastructure, Prologic’s Professional Services Division offers fully integrated solutions, including consulting, projects, training, implementation, and outsourcing. The company’s long term experience is backed by a deep understanding of market needs and by acknowledging both local and international IT communities.

E-Mergo logo

E-Mergo, The Netherlands

E-mergo brings knowledge and experience from two worlds: Business Consultancy and Business Intelligence, enabling them to help their clients to effectively optimize their information systems. To receive a free copy of MotioPI software, courtesy of E-mergo, click here.


iRIX, Switzerland

iRIX is a leading independent IT-service company. iRIX delivers tailor-made business solutions which always focus on the client's economic benefit. iRIX specializes in smart standard packages in the areas of energy solutions, business intelligence, and green solutions. They have a strong commitment to ethical principles and handle involved resources in a sustainable manner.

Assimil8 logo

Assimil8, United Kingdom

Assimil8 is a market leader in business analytics and IBM Smart Cloud Enterprise solutions, financial reporting, planning & forecasting, and data warehousing. Assimil8 utilises world-class IBM Cognos software as a basis for solutions. Following an ethos of client collaboration and empowerment, Assimil8 drives forward innovative, ground-breaking techniques such as Geo-spatial Business Analysis and IBM Smart Cloud Enterprise based systems and solutions. Assimil8 offers an extensive range of products, consulting methodologies, support, and training services which help clients find new sources of revenue, identify cost cutting opportunities, and improve financial visibility. To receive a free copy of MotioPI software, courtesy of Assimil8, click here.

EXL Decision Group Logo

EXL Decision Group, France

Since 2007, EXL strategy is based on high-level skills and very adaptive customer services. As an IBM Premier Business Partner and Support Provider Reseller on the whole Business Intelligence Software Suite (Information Management and Business Analytics), EXL continually works on methods and tools to help customers unleash the full capabilities of their BI systems. EXL also delivers great business and project delivery knowledge, thanks to their experienced specialists.


Lantares, Spain

Lantares, an IBM Premier Business Partner, is a 100% Spanish consulting company founded in 2003, from the alliance of diverse specialists in consulting. Today, Lanteres is the leader in strategic solutions, Corporate Performance Management (CPM), and Information Management.

Lantares Cloud BI are cloud solutions that help to shorten time-to-market, reducing costs of infrastructure, property, commissioning, and maintenance, while providing greater agility, accessibility, and versatility to BI solutions.

Aramar Logo

Aramar, United Kingdom

Aramar is an IBM Premier Partner with significant expertise around the office of finance. Aramar has delivered Performance Management projects across the whole range of IBM Cognos products and has considerable experience of product integration from both a technical and application viewpoint. To receive a free copy of MotioPI software, courtesy of Aramar, click here.

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