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Grupo LPJ logo

Grupo LPJ, Brazil

Grupo LPJ provides services in IT Consulting, which includes IBM Business Intelligence. Grupo LPJ focuses on process management, technology, business, and education, and consists of certified and highly experienced consultants. By using qualified information and proper tools, Grupo LPJ is committed to offering optimal solutions for each client.


DWConsulware, Ecuador, Peru

DWConsulware specializes in the implementation of projects that measure business performance and general information analysis, including projects or budgets and financial planning. The company has been a leader in corporate performance management solutions since 1998.


Procalidad, Colombia

Procalidad supports Performance Management by offering Business Intelligence Financial Planning, and Balanced Scorecard solutions. Procalidad has years of experience in advising organizations and identifying opportunities to improve performance. It contributes to the advancement and competitiveness of its clients, providing valuable solutions to make better decisions, so that they can respond effectively to business questions.

Quanam Logo

Quanam, Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia

Quanam is a multinational business IT Company with offices in Uruguay, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Puerto Rico, and Miami. In order to meet the needs of the information technology market, Quanam employs and integrates consultants of different practices in various operation sites with the local project teams through a methodological framework specifically adapted for these effects.

Focus Business Solutions

Focus Business Solutions, Argentina, Chile, Peru

Focus Business Solutions is lead by professionals with a strong orientation to business and extensive experience in the market of information technologies. Focus specializes in business management solutions, covering the full spectrum of Enterprise Integration, Business Intelligence, and Information Management.

KMG, Argentina

KMG, an IBM Premier Business Partner, specializes in the implementation of Corporate Performance Management. KMG has extended experience in Cognos Business Intelligence, Cognos Planning, and TM1. They offer consulting, development, training, and support services. Their ISO 9001 certification proves their dedication to quality, which allows them to manage an impressive client portfolio consisting of top multinational companies.

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