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Getting Started with MotioPI


Get up to speed quickly with MotioPI™. This page will help you get started with some useful tips and how-tos below. Watch videos and read blog posts demonstrating some of the software's most useful features.


Before You Start

MotioPI Registration Screen

Register for MotioPI™

After you register, check your email for instructions on launching MotioPI™.

After You Register

MotioPI Registration Email

Thank You for Registering Email

You will receive a "thank you" email within 5 minutes upon registering for MotioPI™.  If you don't receive an email, check your SPAM folder.
MotioPI Launch Page

Initial Download of MotioPI™

Click the link to launch MotioPI™ from your "thank you" email. This will take you to the following web page to download MotioPI™ for your Operating System.


Log In to PI

MotioPI Registration ScreenThe first time you log into MotioPI™ there will be an example dispatcher pre-populated in the text box. Replace this with your Cognos Dispatcher, Cognos Gateway, Cognos Username, and Cognos Password.
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LDAP/AD Settings

LDAP / AD Authentication (Optional)

If your Cognos environment authenticates aganist LDAP or Active Directory, MotioPI™ can be configured to pull LDAP or AD information from your cogstartup.xml file. The following blog entry provides easy instructions for LDAP / AD support in MotioPI™.

Common Uses of PI

Document Cognos User Settings

Document Cognos User Security

The "User Access" panel enables you to access security information on Cognos users, such as:

  • group & role memberships
  • access levels to specific Cognos content

You can document this information by exporting it to a csv, html, or txt document.

Validate Cognos Reports

Validate Cognos Reports

Need to make sure your recent model changes haven't broken any existing reports? Use MotioPI™ to quickly batch validate hundreds of reports, queries, analysis objects, etc.

Cognos object schedule results

Locate Schedules Associated with Cognos Objects

Find Cognos schedules associated with Cognos objects, such as reports, jobs, report views and query objects.  


Additional Resources:

User Access Video
Reclaim Content from Deleted Cognos Users Video
Environment Panel Video

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