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Motio Granted Patent for Automated Version Control in IBM Cognos

Dallas, Texas October 11th, 2012 – Motio, Inc., a company that provides software for automating and extending IBM Cognos environments, today announced that it has been awarded patent 8,285,678 by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The newly issued patent, titled "Continuous Integration of Business Intelligence Software," includes a series of claims relating to automated version control in business intelligence environments.

This latest award marks the third patent granted by the USPTO to Motio for innovations realized in the MotioCI product.

"It's been close to seven years since we first unveiled MotioCI to Cognos customers," said Lance Hankins, CTO of Motio. "In 2005, we set out to build a platform for agile BI development – complete with version control and automated testing for Cognos content. Our goal has always been to improve the productivity (and sanity) of Cognos teams. This latest patent, which is based on material disclosed to the USPTO in January of 2006, provides further validation of the advances we've brought to bear for our customers."

MotioCI is utilized by large-scale IBM Cognos customers around the globe to streamline BI development, testing, release management and support processes. Motio's most recently issued patent pertains to technology that detects changes being made in a Business Intelligence Environment and initiates automatic version control events to capture the modifications. By automatically versioning changes to Cognos content and configuration, MotioCI can provide a complete audit history for changes in the environment. This level of traceability can often prove invaluable in the day to day operations of BI development and support teams – e.g., unwanted modifications can be reverted, accidentally deleted content can be recovered, different versions of the same object can be compared, etc.

"Modern Business Intelligence Environments are often very dynamic in nature,” said Roger Moore, Product Manager for MotioCI. “It is not that unusual for a Cognos environment to have hundreds of authors, modelers and power users concurrently creating, updating, re-configuring and publishing BI content. Not only does MotioCI give stakeholders the ability to see who's changing what, but it also adds a layer of accountability for everyone in the system."

Motio had previously been awarded two patents which pertain to automated testing of Business Intelligence Content (US Patent numbers 7,885,929 and 8,140,477).

MotioCI's automated testing capabilities are often used to ensure the performance, accuracy and consistency of BI content, in an automated fashion. "The automated testing and impact analysis facets of MotioCI enable BI stakeholders to quickly identify issues with BI content in a very quantitative manner," said Hankins. "Coupling the automated test results with version control lenses such as the MotioCI Timeline make it possible to proactively identify new issues and then quickly trace them back to their root cause."

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