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Motio Transforms Information by Harmonizing Enterprise Systems

DALLAS, Feb. 24, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Motio, Inc. announced the availability of the Theia solution for harmonizing IT-centric and self-service BI information and delivering it through compelling business-centered presentation technologies. Theia provides an adaptive and engaging environment that drives user adoption.

"People expect to have fun with data and visualizations. Companies with established IT and data governance systems can finally engage with their user communities in a meaningful and enjoyable way, without compromising on information integrity." —Darren Nelson, Director of Enterprise Integration at Motio.

Information Assets in One Access Point


With disparate information landscapes, the ability to provide a unified perspective across multiple information sources is invaluable. Theia is the first solution to harmonize and consolidate data across IBM and SAP BI environments.

"Many of my customers and prospects have complex IT landscapes in place to run their organizations. I continually work with my customers to improve areas of performance, be proactive in addressing failure, and ensure quality. With solutions like Motio Theia, I can easily communicate the business value of solutions to clients without having to expose them to the sum of their parts." —Robert Parolin, Technical Business Unit Executive, Analytics Solutions at IBM North America.

"The response has been overwhelmingly positive with our early customers," said Nelson. "They love both the sizzle of the modern visualizations and the breadth of the complete data picture that Theia provides."

Theia debuted at the IBM Insight conference in October 2015. Theia comes to market thanks to the strong partnership between Assimil8 and Motio.

Catch our webinar on March 16, 2016 to see Theia in action.

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