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MotioADF - Orchestrate, Integrate, Collaborate

MotioADF™ is a platform for orchestrating, instrumenting and integrating artifacts from disparate Business Intelligence systems into customer defined web applications. Key use cases for MotioADF include customer defined BI portals, self-service BI scenarios, just-in-time manipulation or assembly of BI artifacts, collaboration around BI artifacts and the outputs they produce, and the ability to push near-real-time updates to previously rendered outputs via server-side event channels.

MotioADF allows companies to create and rapidly deploy web-based solutions which integrate and extend existing BI assets from multiple BI systems with additional capabilities defined by Motio or Motio customers.

MotioADF is often utilized by customers to fulfill one or more of the following use cases:

Custom Web Based Applications which Leverage Existing BI Capabilities

Many customers wish to leverage assets from their existing BI systems - but surface those assets to end-users in a way that is far different than the mechanism provided by the BI vendor. For example, a web application which allows a customer to manage a large call-center may choose to leverage the power of IBM Cognos BI for providing insight into all data accumulated at the call-center, but may wish to expose the BI functionality in a manner which is consistent with the look, feel & flow of the rest of the web application. For example, consider the following transformation from the default Cognos Connection experience into a fully branded MotioADF based web application.

MotioADF Architecture

Single User Experience Across Multiple BI Platforms

Provide a consistent user experience which aggregates content from multiple BI systems. Customers may use MotioADF in order to provide consistent and seamless access to multiple disparate BI systems in a clean and consistent manner. For example, ADF customers may wish to surface BI artifacts generated by Cognos, Microstrategy and Tableau all from the same consistent BI portal (rather than forcing the user to deal with a completely different user experience from each of these three BI vendors).

MotioADF Architecture

Bridge the Gap Between Canned Reports and Self-Service Requirements

MotioADF provides end-users with the capability to make runtime content adjustments to configured BI artifacts. The features help to bridge the gap between professionally authored BI artifacts and end-users’ self-service requirements. For example, an end user can make controlled and targeted customizations to a high-fidelity BI artifact without having training in the authoring tool of the BI vendor. These runtime content adjustments are applied by MotioADF to the specification of the target BI artifact during the pre-execution phase.

MotioADF Runtime Content Adjustments

Near Real-time Data Awareness For Previously Rendered Outputs

The MotioADF Data Pulse Service brings data volatility awareness to previously rendered BI outputs. By utilizing the Data Pulse service, BI outputs can be intelligently refreshed when their underlying data changes without repeatedly executing the same queries on a recurring basis. Refreshes are triggered by server-side events, not client-side timers.

Near real-time updates to BI outputs allow stakeholders to more quickly react to changing information.

Collaboration Around BI Outputs

MotioADF allows stakeholders to ergonomically collaborate around the BI artifacts and outputs surfaced through ADF. For example, stakeholders may annotate report outputs, engage in threaded discussions around the numbers, etc. MotioADF Annotation

Much More...

MotioADF was founded on the principle that we should make it easy for our customers to layer additional functionality on top of their existing BI investments. MotioADF customers are frequently bringing innovative new features to market by leveraging the power of MotioADF combined with the capabilities of their existing BI systems. Are there missing features or gaps in your BI implementations? Is there a new capability you'd love to see integrated on top of your existing BI assets? If so, contact Motio today - we'd be happy to build it for you.

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