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Release Management for Cognos

Deploying Cognos content between environments is typically a cumbersome process. MotioCI’s Release Management features simplify Cognos deployments and provide Cognos users with more command over various aspects of promoting content into new environments, e.g. pick & choose what you want to move to a new environment, specify certain revisions of content to deploy, choose when and how many environments you wish to deploy, eliminate having to move an entire folder’s content, etc.

Deploy Versioned Content

MotioCI enables Cognos users to narrow and select specific Cognos packages, reports, etc. to deploy into a new environment. MotioCI gives Cognos users the freedom to easily deploy individual revisions (including deletions) of a single Cognos artifact or a collection of Cognos content. Cognos users can better synchronize how content is distributed across different environments.

Full Featured Content Labeling

In MotioCI, a label is used to identify specific revisions of versioned Cognos content into a single group. Labels are useful for deploying a collection of Cognos content to various environments and folders. This labelling feature permits Cognos users to customize exactly what content they choose to deploy.

Scheduled Deployments

A Cognos user has the flexibility to promote Cognos content immediately, or to schedule a deployment at any time, on any date. This scheduling feature automates deployments at the most convenient times so as not to disrupt end users during peak hours. Additionally, MotioCI integrates with external deployment tools, enabling Cognos users to trigger a promotion through an already established method.

Promotion to Multiple Cognos Environments

Promotion Groups is a powerful time-saving feature which permits content deployment to multiple Cognos environments simultaneously. (e.g. deploy from QA into 5 production environments, all at once.)

Impact Analysis of Staged Content Deployments

The Impact Analysis feature of MotioCI combines the power of automated testing and promotion capabilities to allow Cognos users to see the impact of a deployment into a new environment be before committing to it. Cognos users can deploy with confidence, as Impact Analysis will uncover any problems in a temporary testing location before causing any failures in a live environment.
You can validate such things as:
  • Do the reports still work against the new version of the package?
  • Do the reports produce accurate data?
  • Does the new version of the package affect report performance?

Automated Promotion Upon Validation

MotioCI also allows for “self-service” Cognos deployments. An additional time-saving feature from MotioCI is the option to automatically deploy Cognos content into a new environment once an Impact Analysis is successful.

“Undo” Promotion Button

If a user makes a mistake or changes their mind, there is a single “undo” button to simply reverse a Cognos deployment to go back to its prior state.

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