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Version Control for Cognos

Ordinarily, the latest modification made in Cognos stands as the only version available of a Cognos artifact, which can lead to unnecessary disorder when maintaining BI implementations. For example, consider a Cognos package whose property set was changed mistakenly and can no longer be accessed, or imagine a Cognos report that was accidentally deleted, it is gone forever and must be completely reconstructed. As the size of BI teams increase, the number of changes and mistakes can compound substantially resulting in an environment that’s difficult to manage. However, with Version Control in place, any type of change, mistake or deletion no longer leads to devastation. MotioCI™’s Version Control continuously tracks changes made to Cognos artifacts (e.g. reports, packages, FM models) and properties (e.g. permission sets, XML specs), and dramatically improves BI team collaboration, risk management and disaster recovery.

Version All Cognos Object Types, Anywhere in the Content Store

The Version Control module in MotioCI is like nothing else in the market. Any Content Store object can be automatically versioned. In addition to BI artifacts such as Reports, Events, and Analysis objects, MotioCI can also version Cognos administration objects such as Dispatchers, Report Services and Data Sources. Security related concepts such as Groups and Roles may also be versioned. This versioning can be applied to any area of the Content Store, including both ‘Public Folders’ and ‘My Folders’.

Version Framework Manager Models, Transformer Models, etc.

It is extremely critical to version content outside the Cognos content store for complete BI life cycle management. MotioCI version control capabilities extend to artifacts outside of the Content Store, such as Cognos Framework Manager and Transformer models.

Version All Properties

The Version Control module in MotioCI is truly unique in that all properties of all objects may be versioned- including XML specifications, names, tooltips, permission sets, etc. This multi-faceted versioning can be applied to any area of the Content Store, including “My Folders” and “Public Folders.”

Recover Deleted Content

In Cognos out of the box, if a report was accidentally or intentionally deleted, it would be gone forever. However, with MotioCI, any Cognos content deletion can be recovered. Furthermore, MotioCI uncovers who deleted the report and when it was deleted.

Studio Integration & Exclusive Locking

Change Comment ReportStudio, a report author can view and diff all prior versions of a report, roll back any changes, and even execute test cases (link to testing). This Cognos Studio Integration also greatly enhances the workflow and communication of the BI team through the "check-out" / "check-in" process. When a report author needs to make a change, he simply checks out or locks the report. This locking prevents one author from inadvertently saving over the changes of another. Once the changes are complete, the author simply clicks the "check-in" button. This check in will release the lock and provide the author a simple means to document his changes, reference tickets, and execute any related test cases.
  Cognos users may also check out files that are not stored in the content store, such as Framework Manager models and Transformer models. This locking process ensures modifications aren’t overwritten by other Cognos users.

Integration with Defect Tracking Systems

MotioCI is easily integrated with 3rd party defect tracking systems such as JIRA, IBM Rational ClearQuest, and Trac. As authors check-in new revisions of BI content, they can reference tickets in the external defect tracking system. MotioCI will automatically update the ticket to cross reference it with the associated revision in version control. This cross linkage provides great traceability between defects / change requests and the BI content modifications which occurred as part of their resolution.

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