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MotioCI Enterprise

MotioCI Enterprise Edition can be custom configured to meet the requirements of all customers. From Version Control and Studio Integration to full IBM Cognos Regression Testing, our clients can decide how much software to deploy for the organization. The overall features and benefits are broadly characterized as shown below.


  • Complete suite of functionality.
  • Custom configured licensing to exact requirements.
  • Version Control and Studio Integration.
  • Regresson Testing.
  • Installed on client data center hardware.


  • Total control for compainies unable to leverage SaaS deployment models.
  • Ideal for high integrity testing environments.
  • Cognos framework models allow custom reporting for productivity analysis.
  • Automated testing alerts for non-compliance to corporate standards.
  • Realtime visibility to report performance at all times.
  • A CIO's best safeguard to ensure accurate and timely reporting using IBM Cognos software.

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