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MotioCI New Features

MotioCI 3.1.2 Supports Cognos Analytics!

When IBM released Cognos Analytics a few months ago, this new version focused on changes that improve the user experience:

  • Navigation is more intuitive
  • There is an updated look to the user interface
  • Business users have more autonomy with data discovery
This release of MotioCI fully integrates its capabilities that safeguard your BI assets, ensure the accuracy and reliability of your BI implementation, and increase efficiency of your BI team with Cognos Analytics. We've modernized our icons and their accessibility from within Cognos Analytics to continue that improved user experience. Additionally, we've added a few other enhancements to our software.

Accessing MotioCI

Cognos Connection has been replaced with a new welcome portal. When MotioCI is connected, you will notice a "Cognos Ninja" icon in the menu bar on the left of this screen, which is where you will access the MotioCI user interface.

Report Studio Becomes Authoring

The "Authoring" mode has replaced Report Studio in Cognos Analytics. Just like in previous versions of Cognos, you will notice the additional MotioCI icons added to the toolbar when you are working with reports.

  • Check-in and Check-out buttons protect and prevent others from overwriting your work
  • The Revision History icon leads you to a complete record of any changes ever made to BI artifacts, allowing you to take such actions as:
    • restoring a previous version
    • recovering deleted content
    • deploying BI assets ready for release
  • The Test Case icons take you to any test cases associated with a BI artifact. The icon itself will indicate alerts, failures, or successes as portrayed by an exclamation point, "X" mark, or "check" mark.

Report Spec Protection in Highly Interactive Mode

The new "Highly Interactive" mode in Cognos Analytics was designed to let users beyond report authors make their own changes to reporting for data analysis without relying on IT. However, this could unfortunately end up in unwanted changes made to the underlying report specifications. MotioCI has that protected too, with the check-out icon added to this mode in Cognos Analytics. You'll also notice that you can access Revision History and Test Cases from this screen.

Additional Enhancements in MotioCI 3.1.2

  • Improve the process of upgrading to Cognos Analytics with enhanced output comparisons between Cognos versions
  • Improve automated deployment processes with new labeling options that support tools (e.g. DevOps) and additions of Cognos content
  • Version changes of Cube Designer model files (.fmd) can now be compared (diffed)
  • Cognos 11 Exploration specifications can be diffed

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