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Labeling and Promotion. MotioCI™ supports the creation of labels or snapshots of BI content which can be used for efficient release management. These labels can be easily promoted from one Cognos Enironment to the next.

Impact Analysis. Deploy Cognos content into new environments with confidence! By using the Impact Analysis feature in MotioCI, Cognos users can verify that moving content into a new environment won't adversely affect its ability to function correctly.

Defect Tracking.  MotioCI™ supports automated integrated with popular defect tracking systems such as Jira, IBM Rational Clearquest, and HP Quality Center. This feature allows BI authors to easily associate their modifications back to a change request or ticket in an external system.

Studio Integration.  MotioCI™ delivers exclusive locking for BI artifacts directly within the IBM Cognos® Studios. From within ReportStudio, a report author can “check-out” a report, make changes to it, then “check it back in” along with comments describing their changes.

Recovering a Delete.  With MotioCI™'s 360 degree version control, you can easily version all BI content as well as track who's modifying what in your Cognos Environments.  Using MotioCI™, you can easily recover any deleted artifact in Cognos with just a few easy clicks.

Property Versioning.  In addition to versioning familiar specification properties, MotioCI™ can version ALL other properties on any type of object in Cognos, enabling you to track changes made through Cognos Connection.

Object Versioning.  MotioCI™'s versioning capabilities extend beyond Cognos Studios by versioning all Cognos Objects, allowing you to see changes made from within Cognos Administration.

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