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NamespaceMigration - Cognos Security Migration

Motio™'s Namespace Migration product facilitates the migration of Cognos Content and configuration from one Authentication Namespace to another.

When your Cognos Content is at stake, trust the experts to ensure a safe, secure, and complete migration. The Motio™ Namespace Migration product can make namespace migration a seamless and worry free process.

Motio™ asks the key questions to help devise and implement a roadmap specific to your migration needs:

  • What mapping method will be used?
  • Where will groups reside?
  • Which users will be migrated?
  • What about orphans?
  • Which of the 140 object types do you want to migrate?

By utilizing Motio™'s Namespace Migration tool, you can automate an otherwise time-intensive and error prone process.

Whether you’re migrating from Series 7 Access Manager to LDAP or Active Directory, consolidating multiple existing Active Directory servers, or migrating user content from development to test, the Motio™ ’s Namespace Migration service seamlessly handles the move.

About Cognos Security

In IBM Cognos, an authentication provider provides access to a (generally external) authentication source (e.g. Series 7 Access Manager, LDAP, Active Directory, etc). By configuring an authentication provider in IBM Cognos, you define an “authentication namespace.”

Each user, group and role in an authentication namespace has a unique identifier in Cognos called a "CAMID".

Virtually all Cognos content will have references to one or more CAMIDs. Examples of this include:

  • most objects in Cognos have :
    • an owner property which will refer to the CAMID of the owning user.
    • a policy set, which lists the CAMIDs of users, groups and roles are entitled to the Cognos object (and their level of access)
  • all content in a user's My Folders area is associated with a user's CAMID
  • each user's preferences and portal tabs are associated with their CAMID
  • Framework Model Object Security - modelers may restrict access to Namespaces, Query Subjects and Query Items based on groups / roles (references their CAMID).
  • Transformer Models may have Custom Views to enforce security on cubes. These custom views are configured as visible to certain users, groups & roles (references their CAMID).

When you migrate to a different authentication namespace, all users, groups and roles from that new namespace will have different CAMIDs (even if they are semantically the same user, group or role).

Motio™ Namespace Migration offers the following:

  • Audit all objects
  • Create and display a policy matrix
  • Display the permissions and policies for each user on each object
  • Display the members of each Cognos group and role
  • Display all objects within a user's My Folders
  • Locate and match users in the target namespace
  • Migrate all My Folders content
  • Migrate all Preferences (locale, output format, rows per page, etc.)
  • Migrate all Portal Pages
  • Migrate all Jobs & Schedules
  • Migrate all Memberships
  • Migrate all Policies & Permissions
  • Migrate all Capabilities

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