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Persona IQ - Seamless Cognos Security Migration

US Patent 9,401,904
Patent Pending

The Problem

Do you need to transition your Cognos environment from one authentication source to another? Did you realize that this can wreak havoc with your existing Cognos content and configuration? Migrating Cognos between authentication sources can result in orphaned or lost My Folders content, schedules which can no longer run, email deliveries which no longer happen, mis-configured security policies, and many other problems (see the video below). change cognos auth providers

The Solution

Motio's Persona IQ™ quickly and seamlessly transitions Cognos between external authentication sources WITHOUT breaking the existing security configuration. Persona IQ:

  • Migrates between Cognos authentication sources without changing the CAMIDs of users, groups & roles
  • Supports migrating from and/or to:
    • Cognos Access Manager
    • Microsoft Active Directory
    • LDAP
    • IBM Tivoli Directory Server
  • Requires less than five minutes of Cognos downtime
  • Requires ZERO changes to
    • Content Store
    • Framework Models
    • Transformer Models
    • TM1 Applications
    • Planning Applications
  • Empowers BI support personnel while still adhering to corporate authentication standards
  • Eliminates expensive, risky and time-consuming migration projects

Want to Learn More?

PersonaIQ Video Preview Check out the video provided just to the right. It demonstrates concrete examples of many of the content and configuration issues which can arise when migrating a Cognos environment between authentication sources, and then goes on to show how Persona IQ makes the same migration virtually seamless.

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US Patent 9,401,904
Patent Pending

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