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Orphaned Objects. MotioPI™ enables Cognos admins to locate and reclaim My Folders content that belongs to deleted Cognos users. Admins can easily search for any type of content across Public & My Folders in Cognos and quickly reassign ownership to valuable BI assets forgoing the task of re-creating otherwise lost content.

User Access. MotioPI allows Cognos admins to quickly catalog the group and role membership for users of a given Cognos instance. Admins can select which users to include, interactively view the content store through a user's "lense", and generate reports which provides detailed information on user access levels.

Environment Panel. MotioPI provides Cognos administrators an extensive view of all administrative settings in a Cognos environment.  This includes detailed property information on dispatchers, data sources, report services and installed components.

Templatizer.  Automate the process of editing similar content across a series of reports in report studio with this panel, designed for Cognos report authors.

Property Distributor. MotioPI Professional's Property Distributor enables Cognos professionals to blast properties from a prototype object onto groups of target objects from both Public and My Folders. This includes Cognos Objects such as reports, queries, packages, folders, report templates & views and analysis objects.

Schedule Delivery. MotioPI Professional's Schedule Delivery feature is a streamlined method for managing recipient lists for Cognos jobs and schedules. Cognos professionals are enabled to work with multiple users as well as allocating numerous schedules at once with this efficient component in MotioPI Pro.

Search & Replace. Quickly search for items both inside & outside the Cognos Content Store that contain a specific term or image and replace found occurrences with new text/image. MotioPI professional validates the before and after results ensuring the potential changes to Cognos objects "pass" before committing to the modification.

Portal Tabs. Quickly administer portal tab pages to Cognos users in mass with this feature.

General User Preferences.  Apply user preference changes in bulk to an entire set of Cognos users. This includes preferences such as home page, styles, default report formats, etc. 

Cognos Group / Role Membership.  Quickly update group and role membership settings for a large number of Cognos users.

Framework Models.  Pull in an existing Framework Model in MotioPI Pro, make various changes to it, publish the updated package, and then fix all of the affected reports.

Move and Delete Cognos Objects.  Eliminate broken referencing items (shortcuts, job steps, report views, drill throughs, etc.) when moving or deleting Cognos content. PI Pro's move and delete action buttons let you automatically update referencing items.

Reassign Cognos Content Ownership.  In Cognos, there is no easy way to re-assign the ownership of BI content to a different user. MotioPI Pro has a change owner action button that provides administrators the ability to mass assign the owner property on multiple Cognos objects to any user.

Download/Delete Cognos Outputs.  Use the MotioPI Pro download/delete action feature as a method for archiving Cognos report outputs outside of the Content Store.

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