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MotioPI Pro - Mass Update Cognos

If you are a Cognos professional who needs to manage large amounts of Cognos content, would like to rapidly perform high volume actions, or needs to ensure uniformity & save time, then MotioPI Professional will vastly boost your productivity. MotioPI Professional is packed with powerful time-saving features.

Bulk Changes to Cognos Content / Configuration

It can be very tedious in Cognos to make the same (or similar) change to many different objects. MotioPI Professional makes it very easy to make bulk changes to Cognos content or configuration. Here are some examples:

Manage Cognos user groups and roles

Time Savers for Cognos Administrators

With so much to do, time is often a Cognos Admin's most valuable commodity. Many of MotioPI Pro's features are designed to save time for Cognos Admins. For example:

Change ownership of Cognos objecta

Automatically Update Cognos Objects

There are many Cognos workflow scenarios requiring unnecessary, extra steps to complete the job. Here is a sampling of Cognos tasks that are automated in several of the feature panels of MotioPI Pro:

Change ownership of Cognos objecta

  • When moving or deleting Cognos Content, automatically update drill throughs, shortcuts, etc. (see Safe Move / Delete Action
  • Publish packages automatically after a model has been modified. (see Model Panel)

Get More Bang for Your Buck with MotioPI

See the feature matrix to compare MotioPI and MotioPI Pro against a leading competitor.

  • MotioPI (always FREE)
  • MotioPI Pro ($1495 per year)
  • Competing Product ($40,000 + $8,000 maintenance per year)

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