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QUBEdocs - Automated Documentation for IBM Cognos TM1

Understanding the implications of the changes made to complex models in Cognos TM1 can be challenging. It is important to know that issues and inaccuracies will not arise. QUBEdocs® is a solution for addressing the everyday challenges of TM1 analysts, developers, and administrators. QUBEdocs

What is QUBEdocs?

QUBEdocs is a model management solution for Cognos TM1. It adds new dimensions of visibility and governance to:

  • Help understand how TM1 models hang together at a glance
  • Preempt the impact of changes before making them and easily review them later
  • Interrogate and ask questions of TM1 models

QUBEdocs provides centralized, interactive and up-to-date information to help effectively develop, administer, maintain and monitor TM1.

Key Features

  • Document Cognos TM1 automatically
  • Visualize and trace data and metadata flows
  • Review and compare changes easily (over time or between environments)
  • Add definitions to Cognos TM1 objects to enhance the documentation (right down to the element level)
  • Use the QUBEdocs framework to give meaning to actual rules and TurboIntegrator processes
  • Organize TM1 into logical end user applications and add additional content or hyperlinks to other resources
  • Produce different sets of documentation for different user groups
  • Automate the Quality Assurance process

Benefits of QUBEdocs

  • Decreases the cost of managing TM1 implementations
  • Ensures compliance with regulations requirements
  • Generates automated up-to-date documentation for TM1 models
  • Organizes TM1 model information
  • Provides an easy way to understand models
  • Delivers hard-to-find information in a meaningful way
  • Eliminates manual processes for updating documentation (no “human error”)

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