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Theia™- Harmonize your BI Experience

The analytics landscape is constantly evolving. Many new and ungoverned data sources are emerging that are relevant to business. The way this information is accessed is also constantly changing. There are more analytics tools available today than ever before, so how can you make them fit together? Some tools cover a broad spectrum of the business, some specialize in a particular segment of the organization (e.g. Sales, HR), others tout they can deliver data quickly, and there are more!

But how can you fully harness the value of these systems and the data they provide? Don't risk misusing analytics systems, answering questions with incorrect information, or abandoning them altogether because you are frustrated with their complexity.

Bring data together in a way that makes sense.

Theia is a solution that harmonizes all of these analytics systems and information sources into a single navigation system. Theia redefines the way you interact with information systems, in ways that make sense to you. Not only can you access many different systems, but you can also blend data together to gain clearer and more complete insights into the questions you're trying to answer.

Theia focuses on the user experience.

Theia uses the concepts of apps and gaming to create an alluring way of interacting with critical information. We're diminishing the learning curve of complicated analytics systems.

Rekindle the relationship between IT and business.

Business wants speed and IT wants control. Traditional, IT-centric BI is reliable, consistent, and secured but slow to meet business demands. On the other hand, speedy data discovery tools lack checks and balances, often resulting in bad analysis and unnecessary costs for the organization. Theia fulfills both IT and business demands with a quick and fluid way to deliver information that is also secure and controlled.

Organizations benefit from Theia:

  • Accelerate user adoption
  • Run concurrent versions of any information system
  • One stop for all of your data
  • Blend information from any and all providers
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