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Agni TM1 Administration Tools

Agni - Software Tools for Cognos TM1

Cognos TM1 users - there is now Agni™! Agni was developed to improve your user experience in Cognos TM1. Agni reduces the effort it takes to carry out administrative tasks essential for successfully managing a Cognos TM1 environment. We have both free and paid versions of Agni.

Available in the Paid Version

Make Cognos TM1 Security Less Complicated

Security information in TM1 is extremely disjointed. You are forced to search in several dierent places in TM1 to gather all of the details you need about security access for even a specic cell. Agni’s Security Sandbox can transform hours of debugging into minutes, as it lays out all of the information you need in one location. Additionally, you can visualize the results of a proposed security change to see if it impacts any clients or groups. If you want to implement a new security requirement from the sandbox, a process can be created on your server for you to run and make the proposed changes.

Available in the Free and Paid Versions

The features listed below are available in both versions of Agni, however the paid version contains more powerful searching capabilities.

Improve how you Manage Memory Usage and TM1 Performance

Monitoring the memory usage of TM1 objects and ensuring that TM1 implementations are running optimally is one of the biggest priorities of Cognos TM1 administrators. Agni offers a visually appealing way to track memory consumption through interactive pie charts.

Better TM1 Navigation and Browsing

Does using Architect prove more troublesome than it's worth? Have you given up on Architect altogether because of how painful it is to use? We have a solution. The "Navigator" panel in Agni gets you to the information you need without the overhead involved in logging into the server and slowly loading Architect. Additionally, Navigator lets you dive deeper to see information not even shown in Architect. Agni eliminates having to search for properties that are fragmented across multiple screens and user interfaces in TM1 by unifying what you need to see, all in one view. You can focus on the TM1 task at hand instead of being frustrated by a poor user experience.

Get Information Faster and Easier

The "Applications" and "Processes" panels in Agni were developed to aid administrators in searching and retrieving necessary information associated with TM1 applications and processes. Agni vastly improves the organization of properties associated with TM1 applications and processes, allowing you to quickly find the information you need.

In Cognos TM1, TI processes can rapidly accumulate which makes managing them difficult. In TM1, there is no designated “Search” button, so to find all the processes that use a particular data source, traditionally you would manually open each process. Alternatively, Agni delivers search results in one consolidated view, and lets you even further refine the search by filtering additional criteria.
Because TM1 does not have a built in search function, finding a particular web sheet or certain properties on application type objects can be quite difficult. Agni provides searching capabilities that quickly locate application objects.

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