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Streamline TM1 Deployments & Change Management

Cognos TM1 is a fantastic tool for your planning, forecasting, and budgeting, but it is quite rigid. Out of the box, there’s no way to easily deploy content between environments, and no way to audit or track changes. So complicated workflows and innocent mistakes become roadblocks, and productivity is then lost. Introducing Soterre to your TM1 environment can prevent a lot of these issues.

Soterre offers two major features to enhance your TM1 platform:

  • Streamlined TM1 Deployments
  • Version Control

Streamlined Deployments

Manually deploying content between TM1 environments is slow, tedious, and error prone. And you can’t account for the money lost in human error. In TM1, you have to:

  • Restart TM1 each time you move content by copying files into a new environment
  • Record manual changes in Dev to replicate them in Prod
  • Delete extraneous code that gets inserted by the transfer component of the Performance Modeler (who has time for that?)

Utilizing Soterre’s deployment feature creates a streamlined process. It allows for smooth deployments of TM1 content (processes, views, chores, websheets, and more) into production. With Soterre, there’s no need to:

  • Restart TM1
  • Replicate changes from Dev to Prod
  • Delete extra code

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Version Control for TM1

If you are manually tracking your changes to TM1 assets, how can you trust that you are cacthing everything and do you trust that your team members are diligently capturing all of their changes? This type of incompetent change management system makes it very stressful for you when you need to troubleshoot errors and find the TM1 asset that worked prior to when the problems were introduced. Soterre’s version control eliminates the manual work by tracking changes made to TM1 objects. Therefore, when something goes awry, you are able to restore to an older version of that object. You can also compare versions of TM1 objects.

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