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Why Motio?

Wouldn't you like to have the most accurate and reliable BI implementation possible?

Many organizations are operating without a safety net, exposing themselves to all sorts of risks and unnecessary costs. Are you one of them?

An accurate and reliable BI implementation is essential for every organization that relies on information and analytics to make informed business decisions. BI managers who have realized this have put the following strategy in place:

  • Complete insight into the BI environment
  • Full control over processes and change
  • Employ innovative software to lower risk and support a smarter way of working

Complete insight into IBM Cognos

Do you know what's changing in your BI environment today?
When using Cognos out of the box, how can you know who revised which BI object or when someone promoted it -- and to where? What happens when valuable BI content is changed or deleted and you all you want to do is get back to the version that you actually need? You spend the time reproducing that desired version, but can you rely on memory to replicate the exact version you had before? Have you thought about the time and cost associated with this methodology of BI content loss/recovery?

Do you have broken reports?
Often times reports with errors get promoted to production, leaving the end consumer to discover them and file support tickets. That sounds like the perfect way to cultivate unhappy consumers and avoidable support issues! Wouldn't it be nice if report authors could retest their work as they make changes, to avoid promoting broken content to production?

How complex are your reports?
The more complex your reports are, the more prone they are to defects. Do you have the ability to test when these errors occur and then easily undo them? You won't without version control and an automated testing plan in place.

How efficient are your current methods in maintaining SOX compliancy?
Are you absolutely certain that the data is verifiably accurate? How much time is consumed in ensuring?

Full control over processes and change

How do you debug?
If you're reacting to problems, you’re wasting time and money on unnecessary debugging. How do you pinpoint when and where the problem started? Wouldn’t it be more appealing and cost-effective to adopt a proactive approach, like automating test case scenarios that alert you when something is awry?

Are you throwing money down the drain each time you promote BI content?
You are indeed throwing money down the drain if you don’t know who promoted what and when, if you cannot promote what and when you choose, and you cannot validate that the content will actually work in the new environment once promoted. Wouldn't it make sense to stop users from promoting error-prone content to production if you could, thus avoiding all of the time and costs that come with repair?

Innovative software to lower risk and support working smarter

You simply cannot get complete insight and full control over processes and change without having innovative software. Motio's product suite is designed for BI managers with a strong vision about how business analytics can help their organization perform better. They understand that by implementing our products, they gain full insight and control over change, and why Motio enables more accurate and reliable BI implementations.

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